World cycling speed record attempt confirmed for Yorkshire!

Hot on the heels of setting a new European cycling speed record, Neil Campbell has now revealed he will be trying to break the world record. Neil travelled at 135mph at Elvington airfield last month and has confirmed he will now try to break the world cycling land speed record, which is currently 166.9mph. Neil made the exclusive announcement on the Welcome to Yorkshire stand at the Great Yorkshire Show.

World cycling speed record attempt confirmed for Yorkshire

The world record attempt will take place in June 2019 in North Yorkshire with the exact location to be revealed.

As well as announcing the world cycling speed record the team will be announcing a partnership with the team behind Red Victor 3; the fastest street legal car in Europe.

Neil is also launching a crowdfunding appeal to cover the costs of the world record attempt.

In preparation for the world record attempt Neil and the Operation Pacemaker team will be involved in a range of preparatory activity over the next six months.

This will include:

  1. Testing the team at Straightliners land speed record events at Elvington Airfield in August and September. The team consists of a physiotherapist, bike maintenance, car driver, aerodyamicist, car adaptions person, bike designer and film / photo crew.
  2. Training for Andy Frost the man behind and driver of Red Victor 3, this being critical for rider and pacer car driver co-ordination.
  3. Testing new bike parts as the custom-built bike evolves to some degree with every record broken

Neil is now the he holder of the European 135mph and British and Commonwealth bicycle speed record of 114mph.  Neil, a 42-year-old architect now wants to ride faster than the 166.9mph wold record! For the record attempt he will be on a £10,000 custom built bike and this is the culmination of over 20 years work by Neil and his team.

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